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The Idea Girl



Wendy has an amazing talent to identify the target market and  develop engagement strategies  to pull the identified popluation into taking action.  She is an extremely creative thinker and is not afraid to step outside  the norm.  She goes all out to meet the needs of the non profit agencies she is associated with, to lead new and amazing fund raising activities.  Wendy always meets her timelines and within budget expectations.


I have worked with Wendy for more then a decade on various projects.  I have found her to be exceptionally talented with great vision.  She is a person that can take your vision and turn it into reality.  Whether it's a TV commercial, radio commercial, print ad, or billboard, you will not be disappointed with the service you receive from Wendy.


Wendy, my favorite idea girl, has been truly fantastic and helpful in so many ways. She has listened and outperformed on creative and targeted ideas that have really helped my bridal show business. Her ability to think outside the box and come up with unique solutions has been invaluable to my business. I am grateful for her dedication and hard work in helping make my bridal show business a success.

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We have over 2 decades of experience with traditional media in TV, Radio, Outdoor, Print and Direct mail.  We also produce Digital/Internet advertising campaigns with banner ads and  streaming video through targeting, retargeting, geo-fencing, search engine marketing and YouTube campaigns.

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We work with incredibly talented 

designers!  Besides designing unforgettable logos, we design postcards, business cards, brochures, posters, signs, business sets and even vehicle wraps!

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There's no better way to soar beyond the competition and score with Google ranking than with video.  When done right, video marketing is entertaining and informative.  It's a great way to capture the attention of your target audience.



if you are looking to grow your business, you've come to the right place!  Who is your target audience?  We will strategically plan and implement the right mix of cohesive media to reach your true customer demographic. Our goal is to systematically choose the most cost efficient media for your product and/or service.

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 Branding your business name is a crucial part of the success of your business.  What does your logo say about you?   Let us help you identify the right company image.

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Promotions can be fun attention getters!  Consistent sales promotions are a great  way to stay in front of your potential customers  through flash sales, coupons, email campaigns, events and social media campaigns.

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Do you want to hold a press conference or have a special news item you want to convey.  We will alert the press!  In most cases, the secret to getting your story heard is to add an interesting twist to your press release.  This would be something that has to do with your product or service but also suggests excitement or community interest. 



A memorable event begins long before your guests arrive, from receiving a creative invitation to a WOW flyer, we thrive on "out-of-the-box" creativity.   We produce events and fundraisers that are sure to have your friends and associates talking about it for years to come!

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A sponsorship of an event is a great way to promote your company image,  whether it be a popular annual event or non profit.  It  shows the community that your business is  connected or that it is involved in giving  back.  Picture shown of event highlighting Randi Zuckerberg.




of your



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We are an Advertising & Marketing agency who are committed to meeting your company's needs.  We understand that to be  successful, you need to stand out from your competition.  We produce campaigns that get results!

We'll put you on the MAP!

Wendy Armijo, The Idea Girl

Creator of memorable concepts



Don Clark, Director Of Fundraising

Kern Ccunty Wall Of Valor

Wendy Armijo picked exactly the right name for her new venture, "The Idea Girl," because that truly describes her wonderful gifts and skills in the field of public information and public relations.  In my successful collaboration with her to raise $300,000 to complete Kern County's "Wall of Valor," Wendy brought a full range of her creative ideas to the table, then added her incredible energy and her many personal contacts in the media to turn those ideas into reality.  The result was that virtually everyone in Kern County knew about our project, had highly favorable impressions about it, and donated generously to support it.  I would recommend Wendy Armijo to promote any project of any size.

Travis Ford

Rock Harbor Marketing

Wendy's devotion and real caring nature for her clients is obvious in everything she does. I had the unique pleasure of working with her recently, and her extreme attention to detail is trumped only by her ability to turn new ideas into profitable ventures for her advertisers. While working with her on presenting a new medium of advertising she asked all the right questions, and truly cared about how this could be in her client's best interests. I would highly recommend Wendy for anyone interested in a very smart and extremely ethical business partner.”

Rick Swartz, Entravision

Wendy has the unique ability to negotiate convincingly for her clients, all while maintaining outstanding relationships with her media partners. Over the time we negotiated both with and against each other, Wendy always kept conversations positive and found a way to make our meetings win/win for all parties involved. Wendy is highly creative and innovative, always seeking a niche for her clients to leverage! Whether it’s negotiating a buy, investigating new and out of the box opportunities, handling production or writing copy, Wendy is skilled and creative. If I were a client, I’d be looking for a Wendy to handle my business!

Raul Duarte

Bear Traxx Muzik

Wendy's a dedicated super talent, & Her out of the box creativeness, & resourcefulness has come from her many years of experience in the "Biz" at all levels. She can bring that experience to your event, production, or campaign for maximum results. I do not endorse just anybody, but, I do endorse Wendy Armijo. My first choice for all of my needs in this field.

Rick Swartz, Entravision

Alphonso Rivera

Advanced Micro Resource

Like most small business owners I saved money by having my business cards done without a professional logo at a print shop. My marketing material left a lot to be desired. I contracted with Wendy to develop a logo and associated marketing material after she kindly showed me some very simple but important things that were lacking from my business card. If I could describe her quality of work in a word, it would be "Brilliant". She is highly focused, on task and truly a joy to work with. I am a perfectionist, and even after my constant revisions and requiring nothing less than "perfect work" and strict timelines, she pushed forward and I could not be happier. She is a highly creative professional and one of the best proof readers I have ever known. I highly recommend her without hesitation and refer others to her regularly.

Jorden Hill, Winco

Wendy & her team really are the A-Team - but with A++!  She is easy to work with, knowledgeable, friendly & gets the job done with her talented production staff - and in our case, all from another state! I would highly recommend Wendy for any project.

Wes Bartel 

Your Networking Coach

I have enjoyed working with Wendy as a client, hired her for her professional skills, and consider her a great friend. She is has very sound principles about her work and works with high integrity and reliability. She has a knack for asking the right questions and her attention to detail will ensure that what you are asking for is going to be delivered. When I asked for help with a website, she was very creative and brought visuals to enhance both readability as well as eye catching graphics to maximize the website staying time. Whether you are utilizing her business services for video, oral, or written word, she truly cares about your interests and makes the most of your advertising dollar. Whether it is scheduling, writing, or production, she can definitely accommodate it with exceptional results. I highly recommend her because of her vast level of experience, able to work with your schedule, and can accommodate anything from small accounts to very large accounts. Whatever size of the job she is truly happy being creative and enjoys working her magic with prodigious precision.

Judith Cassis

Author & Inspirational Speaker

Wendy Armijo is as brilliant as she is creative. I highly recommend her for promotional projects, PR, and putting together comprehensive advertising/marketing plans.

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